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Can Dentists Restrain Kids Without Their Parent’s Permission?

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General dentistry

The best family dentists know how to put patients of all ages at ease, while also communicating effectively with their parents throughout the appointment. Yet a harrowing story out of Massachusetts shows that not all general dentistry providers have the gentle touch of the best family dentists.
“Please stop him before he tortures others.”
So reads a desperate handwritten letter from mother Debby Barstow to the Massachusetts Department of Health. In a disturbing new report from CBS News, Barstow explains how her son?s routine checkup at the dentist turned into a nightmare, literally. After hours went by, the frantic mother eventually forced her way into the family dentist exam r

Characteristics that a Dentist Should Have

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Best porcelain veneers

Finding a family friendly dentist can be difficult. Kids usually are already scared to go to the dentist as well as the doctor, so finding a family friendly dentist is a very important part of calming their fears of the family dentist office. If you need to find a dentist, then there are some things that you should look for, especially in a pediatric dentist. Below are a list of characteristics that a good dentist will have.

A good family friendly dentist will be patient especially when dealing with children. They will understand that children are children and even if they are misbehaving they may just be acting out, out of fear of the unfamiliar surroun

Is Your Oral Health at Risk?

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Teeth whitening

Brushing your teeth is important. Not only does good dental health prevent things such as cavities, which need fillings and which over three-fourths of people have before adulthood, but it can also make one more attractive to the opposite sex. Almost a third of people claim that they are concerned by their dental appearance. Your dentist will also thank you for keeping your teeth and gums healthy. No dental professional wants to peer into a smelly mouth wrought with leftover food particles during dental cleanings. All they want is for you to have a healthy smile. Make sure you maintain excellent oral health for both your sake and your dentist’s sake.
Your worst case scenario is often dentures and partials. Dental professionals recommend regular Continue Reading No Comments